No. 724


Most Americans, at least older Americans, will know the name of Thomas Alva Edison. He was born in 1847 and was one of the greatest inventors in the history of our country. He has 1,093 inventions to his credit, the most famous being the incandescent light bulb. This earned him the reputation of being “The Wizard of Menlo Park” and I have used one of his quotations many times, “Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”
This came to mind the other day when I received a press release from a young woman who had recently graduated with double honors from Michigan State University. Her name is also Edison and she is also an inventor.
Jennifer Edison, inventor of the Scrunch Bottle Bib and founder of Wee Baby Inc., at only 28 years old is an aunt of four and the first proclaimed “auntie inventor” to join the “mom inventor” revolution. She graduated from college with a bachelor of arts in marketing with dreams of starting her own business. After graduating college she pursued a career in music as a singer and songwriter, but decided to change course and start a fashion company as a designer, and instead she stumbled into the juvenile products industry.
This new inventor said, “I never thought I would invent a baby product, it’s just not something that ever crossed my mind, so when people find out that I don’t have any kids they always look surprised.” It all came about when her first niece was born and she realized that bottle-feeding was more of a hassle than she ever knew. “My niece would spill what seemed like half of the bottle out of her mouth and into her neck which would lead to her smelling sour or her getting a rash.”
Jennifer goes on to say, “I would have to try and scrunch a paper towel, or a cotton diaper, around the baby’s chin or hold a bib up to her chin. It was a balancing game between holding the bottle and wresting with the bib or paper towel. I knew I had to do something to make this easier, I couldn’t imagine having to do this every day.” When her sister had her next child she was reminded of how much of a chore bottle-feeding was for babies that were big spillers, and that led Jennifer on a hunt to find a product that would solve the problem.
When her searching turned up zero results she decided to make something to solve the problem herself. “When I made the first prototype and gave it to my sister, she didn’t want to give it back and that’s when I knew that I had a product that other moms and dads would find useful.” Here are the benefits of this useful product that are listed on her promotional piece: 1. No more sour necks. 2. No more rashes. 3. One size fits all bottles. 4. Machine washable. 5. Reversible for double usage. 6. 100 percent cotton.
Here is why I decided to do this column. First and foremost, I believe it’s a useful product that any new parent can use to make life a little easier and the cost is very reasonable. Next, I also admire anyone who will go out on the limb to start a new business, especially these days, and join the ranks of the entrepreneur. I am sure you know that most of the large companies in America today started out in someone’s basement or garage. It does not hurt that her last name is Edison and I am pulling for her to live up to her namesake.
In addition to being practical, the Scrunch Bottle Bib makes a great gift for family and friends. Purchase online at Jennifer’s company, Wee Baby Inc., is based in Novi, Mich.
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