No. 49

If you are living in America, have you ever wondered why our nation has become the greatest economic success story in the history of the world? In the event you don't know, there are two basic reasons why this is true. The first being that our system of government allows private citizens to own property and production facilities and to produce products and services and sell them to consumers for a profit. To say it very simply, we have the incentive and the freedom to achieve personal success. While just as important, the second reason is that our nation was blessed with tremendous natural resources. We have an abundance of clean water, fertile soil, timber, petroleum and minerals that are needed to produce these products in vast quantities.
While the age of technology has changed the way we do things, the key element in our success is that we produce far more than we need for our own use and this "surplus" is what drives the engine of trade and commerce. To continue this line of thinking, I want to talk about the "LAW OF ABUNDANCE" and how this law can help you in many different ways. The LAW OF ABUNDANCE is a natural law and we know a "natural" law is a series of events in nature that has been observed to occur with unvarying uniformity. The key word is "unvarying." In other words, if the conditions and circumstances are exactly the same, then the result or the outcome of our actions will also be the same.
As the LAW OF ABUNDANCE relates to each of us, when we know about this law and understand it, we can then use it to our advantage. In this sense, a natural law then becomes a success law. While I'm not talking about just "making" money, who among us doesn't want to achieve financial success? What many of us fail to realize is that we live in a prosperous nation, but unfortunately there are millions of our citizens who don't share in this prosperity. While it may be too obvious to even mention, the reason this is true is because of their low self-esteem and their negative thinking.
Now if I happen to be talking about you or someone you love, quit thinking that there's not enough to go around. Everything we could possibly wish for has been placed within our easy reach. It was certainly intended that everyone who wished for abundance and worked toward it can have abundance. Just think about this: there is sufficient electricity in the water of a creek to furnish the power of a million slaves. There is enough atomic energy in the substance we could hold in one hand to run the world. If every person produced to his utmost and we did away with strikes, monopolies, crime and waste, everyone could have his needs supplied many times over.
On a more personal basis, think about the fact that a handful of seed sown in fertile soil, watered and cared for, can produce millions of times more than the original planting. A whole forest can spring from a single acorn. This is the LAW OF ABUNDANCE at work and it operates in the mental, social, financial and spiritual areas of our lives, as well. The essence of this law is that you must believe in abundance. You must think abundance. You must raise your sights for greater accomplishments and let no thought of failure or limitation enter your mind.
One of the great concerns I have is that the economic gap between the rich and the poor is widening in this country. If every American understood the “LAW OF ABUNDANCE”, and how to apply it to their own lives, we would all be better off in the future. (EDITOR'S NOTE: Jim Davidson is a motivational speaker and syndicated columnist. You may contact him at 2 Bentley Drive, Conway, AR 72034.)