No. 1150



When it comes to “truth,” it is often said that we should always be willing to throw our most cherished beliefs into the trash can, if we can find something that comes closer to the truth. But what is truth? The dictionary has several definitions, but one I like is “conformity to rule, standard, pattern or ideal.” The Bible says that we should know the “truth” and the truth shall set us free. But to me, here is the meat of the coconut: If you tell a person a lie long enough, what happens? Of course the answer is: They begin to believe it. And what they believe may not be true at all.
In our society today, especially in the area of politics, I see and hear people all the time who are obviously convicted and committed to what they are saying, when there may not be an ounce of truth in what they are saying. The bottom line for me, and to simplify things, is that the “Word of God” contains truth and we can put stock in it, trust it, and apply it to our lives day by day. Even here we have to be careful to “keep the text in the context,” as our pastor often says, and not take something out of context to prove a point or to justify actions that are clearly wrong or ungodly.
What you have just read is my introduction to something that I am calling “some nuggets of truth” that I can promise you will pass the smell test. Several years ago there was a feature in the Holiday Inn magazine titled, “A thought for each day of the month, beginning in January and proceeding for the remainder of the year.” They are very good, and I believe do contain a good deal of truth. See if you agree.
“You may think Mondays are awful, but just remember that they comprise one seventh of your life.”
“It is true that we need more optimism in this ole world but that does not mean that we should blind ourselves to reality.”
“You had better watch out for the friend who lends you his umbrella when the sun is shining and asks for it back when it rains.”
“If you want to become a perfect guest, then try to make your host feel at home.”
“The reason a gossip is so quick to pass on a rumor is that he feels he must tell it before he finds out it isn’t true.”
“God measures us by what we know and what we are doing with what we have.”
“Money will not buy everything. It will buy amusement but not happiness.”
“It is a simple matter to see both sides of an argument if you are not really concerned about it.”
“Happiness is not something earned, but it is the byproduct of an attitude – an attitude toward others.”
“Once upon a time, it was true that a fool and his money were soon parted, but now it happens to everybody.”
“Mothers write on the hearts of their children what the world can never erase.”
“Sometimes we forget to turn off the sound when our minds go blank.”
“We recognize that patience is usually bitter and difficult to take, but let us never forget that the fruit of patience is extremely sweet.”
“Someone very aptly described life today as a jigsaw puzzle with a piece missing.”
“The real secret to being somebody is to work diligently at being a no-body.”
“Many people are friends simply because they claim the same enemies.”
“If we are going to claim God as our father, then we should act as God’s children.”
“There are a lot more counterfeit people than dollar bills in this world of ours.”
And to close, “One of the greatest enemies we can ever face in life is the illusion that there will be more time tomorrow than there is today.”
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