No. 216



This past week I got a letter from a gentleman who was very distraught about his circumstances in life. He told me that he hated his job and the only times he looked forward to were the weekends when he was off work. He was in his early forties and in the past few years had taken up the game of golf. He said he had more or less mastered the game and wanted to begin a new career, either as an instructor or somewhere else in the industry. His wife however, was dead set against it.

Im sure you can see his problem. His wife wanted the security that a good job provided and apparently he had not saved enough money for her to be supportive. I believe his story is representative of thousands, if not millions of people all across our nation who are also unhappy on their jobs. In his case, the root problem really goes back several years to when he made the decision to go to work for his employer or in his particular industry. At the time he probably gave very little thought about whether or not he would be happy down the road. In the beginning, all most people want is a job. This is especially true for those who do not have a college degree and have decided on a career.

The first consideration for this gentleman is his wife, because if he cant sell her on making a change he will never be happy, even if he goes against her wishes and does it anyway. My advice to him was to save some money over the next three to five years and then reevaluate his situation. At this point he may or may not have changed his mind about making a job or career change, but at least from a financial standpoint, he would be able to seriously consider it. With these developments his wife may have also become supportive.

But back to my reason for sharing this with you. In terms of gainful employment, the vast majority of people in America have a job, millions more have a career and a lesser number have a calling. Here, Im referring to those people who are called by God to go into full or part time ministry. There is also another term along these lines that means a lot to me and maybe to you as well. Im referring to a purpose and the dictionary defines purpose as an idea or ideal kept before the mind as an end of effect or action. Few are the individuals, even among career people, who find a real purpose in life and the satisfaction and happiness that goes along with it. Is it possible that you have a purpose in life? Do you have something to do or accomplish that is larger than yourself that you cant wait to get started on each day?

Helping people succeed has been my life for over thirty years, and just recently I discovered my purpose in life. Hundreds of readers have written or called me and they are such a blessing. Mrs. Theola Knox of Milton, Kentucky wrote and said, your column is my reason for subscribing to the Trimble - Banner. In response to my column, A Clarion Call To All Americans, Shirley & Dean Goff wrote to say, Count us in to be part of your volunteer army. If only each human being would perform one selfless act each day, to help a neighbor, this world would soon change for the better. This is so true!!

When I started writing this column I had no idea how much satisfaction and happiness it would bring to so many people. The pinnacle came a few weeks ago when Mrs. Hope McKay Rice of Enfield, Connecticut wrote a letter to our local editor. She said, My 90+ year old mother Molly Russell McKay looks forward to your paper each day and Jim Davidson is her favorite columnist. Thank you, Molly, and God bless you. (Jim Davidson is a motivational speaker and syndicated columnist. You may contact him at 2 Bentley Drive, Conway, AR 72034.)