No. 159



While working with people over the years one of the most reassuring truths I've ever discovered is that we all have the potential to do a better job than we are now doing and consequently earn more of the rewards that can be ours. The reason this statement is true is because of a natural law that operates in the universe called, "The Law Of Consequences." Are you familiar with this law? Do you truly understand that every "action" will have a "reaction" and for every act we perform there is a natural and appropriate consequence?

What I'm going to say next is not from my intellect, but from my heart. I feel so sorry for many people I see in the news each day. The radio, television and newspapers are filled with stories of people who either didn't know about the "Law Of Consequences" or they thought it would not catch up with them when they were committing immoral, unethical or illegal acts. Unfortunately, what these people failed to realize is that by committing these acts they were just sowing seeds that would sooner or later come up and the evil exposed for all to see.

While working as a businessman consultant with our nation's public schools, in relation to wrong deeds or actions, I've had many students make the statement, "It's ok to do it, if you don't get caught." Here again, as in my earlier example, these students did not truly understand the "Law Of Consequences." Even if their wrong deeds or actions were never discovered or revealed, they knew about them, which in time would take an even greater toll. We can never escape from who we really are.

Here is something we should always remember. When we commit a serious crime, it's not something that happens just once and is behind us. It stays with us as long as we live. Have you ever heard of Benedict Arnold? He became a traitor and actually tried to sell West Point. The evil first settled in his heart and then it ruined his life. We should continually and forever be aware of the great "Law Of Consequence" that says, "No wrong ever goes unpunished" and for every evil thing we do, there must be a natural and appropriate consequence. Now I ask you, what could be simpler to understand than that?

But I would do you a real disservice if I did not also point out the positive side of this great natural law. Just as all evil deeds will be punished, all good or righteous deeds will be rewarded. This is the law that allows us to tell our own fortune. When our deeds and actions are based on truth, honesty and integrity, over time good things will come to us. Now, this is not to say that bad things do not happen to good people. We all know they do. Here it's not so important what happens to us but whether we act on it or react to it.

The other day a friend and I were talking about all the good things that were happening in our lives and she made the comment, "Even a lot of good Christian people fail to realize all the blessings they can receive from being of service to others. They just don't get it." She is right. If we will just look for ways to help other people, with the right attitude and the right motive, more good things will come our way than we ever dreamed possible.

Please understand, I give God the glory but I am deeply grateful for letters and phone calls from readers all over the country who express appreciation for our column. At this point we have about 180 newspapers in 27 states who run it and when we started, I never dreamed this would be possible. I can only say "THANK YOU" to all of you who have called or written to encourage me. You're the best!! (Jim Davidson is a motivational speaker and syndicated columnist. You may contact him at 2 Bentley Drive, Conway, AR 72034.)