No. 1043



The famous telephone pioneer, Alexander Graham Bell, once said, “Concentrate all of your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn till brought to a focus.”
For the past several weeks I have been thinking about an interesting concept that may be of some value, and I would like to share with you. I am calling this concept, “Time to Move the Chains.” This is a football term I am using to make a point that the only time a team can move the chains is when they have the ball and are on offense. While it is necessary to back up some times, human beings were not designed to spend most of their time backing up or in reverse, but to be moving forward.
At this point, just think about your own life: Are you moving forward or moving backwards? This question can be applied to most any area of life, but there is one area that affects each of us, and that is our finances. As to your finances, are you getting ahead or going in the hole, which is to say saving money or accumulating more debt? I don’t believe I have ever had a time like during the past several months where I have talked with more people who are losing ground financially. If you have ever personally experienced this, you know that debt can literally crush you, and kill your hope and your enthusiasm.
To be sure, planning and self-discipline will help, but there is one area of our lives that is, for the most part, beyond our control. This is the area of unexpected and unplanned medical bills. I guess more debt and financial hardship has been caused by this than any other reason. Of course this is why we need medical insurance, but those living on the financial edge cannot afford medical coverage. If by chance I have been describing you, and you would like to make some changes, there is hope, and it’s the reason I decided to share this concept with you.
If you will go back to the beginning of this column and reread the quote by Alexander Graham Bell, you will see the words “Concentrate Your Thoughts.” This is really the key to help us make the most of any situation.
There is a unique place in my home that serves as my thinking and reading room. It is here in my easy chair that I have my prayer time, read my Bible and spend quiet time just thinking about the opportunities that come my way each day. To be sure, because I am on offense, I want to make the most of my opportunities and use my time wisely. I might add that the best use of my time on some days is just to rest and relax, or even take short trips, because this helps me recharge my batteries. When my batteries are fully charged, I have a lot more energy to move the chains than if they’re run down.
My philosophy has always been that it is better to wear out than to rust out. I want to always be productive doing something useful and worthwhile, especially when it comes to helping and serving my fellow man. Now, I realize that when you are older and have more discretionary time you can do things that you can’t when you are younger, have a job, a family for which to provide, and various obligations you must meet. Even though your time may be limited, what is that old saying, “Never enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it over?”
I want to suggest, especially if you are not doing this, to get some place in your home where you can spend some quiet time and use more of the great potential that God has given you. Do some thinking and planning, and I believe you find, as I have, that it is so much easier to move the chains. Best wishes.
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