How To Order

(Newspaper & Press Association Personnel only) - To place your order call Continuing Education Services, Inc. in Conway, Arkansas at 1-800-242-2618. We require the following information before shipments can be made.

  1. Name of newspaper or association
  2. Street address where books are to be shipped
  3. Name of person authorized to place order
  4. Quantity of books you wish to order
(full case orders of 48 books are recommended to save postage charges)


Net 30 days (You will be billed by: A Nationwide Literacy Campaign - 2 Bentley Drive Conway, AR 72034. We will pre-pay and add all shipping charges on orders less than a full case)

A word of explanation

This book retails for $15.95 and we are "Giving Back" $9 of this amount to local newspapers and state press foundations. For each book sold, $6 stays in the local community to fund a community wide literacy campaign and $3 goes to the state press education foundation to fund journalism scholarships. One of the campaign‚s major strategies in spreading awareness of the problem of illiteracy, is by getting community newspapers to publish a series of articles called "The Literacy Corner." The idea is for leaders of the community to write articles about the importance of literacy to them, and how it has affected their careers and personal lives. In keeping with the American ideal of "ownership" profits from the sale of "Learning, Earning & Giving Back" means that no grant or tax dollars will be used.

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